What is Child Theme and Why to Use It

Child themes make customizing your theme easy. Many times, you want to edit the theme's php files but forgot what you edited and what needs to changed in the new theme. Child themes can help you solve this problem. A WordPress Child theme derive its functionality from the parent theme, and then override the styles and functionality you want to modify without directly changing the parent theme.

Creating a Child Theme:

  1. Create the Child theme folder and name it as parenttheme-child, where 'parenttheme' is the AnyWP theme name.
  2. Create the style.css file in the Child theme folder. Then put the following into the style.css
  3. /*
    Theme Name: parenttheme Child
    Description: Child theme for the parenttheme theme
    Author: Your name here
    Template: parenttheme
    @import url("../parenttheme/style.css");

  4. Optionally you can create functions.php file in the Child theme, to add your own functions or filters.

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Browser Compatibility

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